Tips for Hand Quilting Needles

Let’s start with a post for beginning quilters looking to get started on their first quilt or stitch project. Trying something new is never easy but almost always worth it and with some helpful tips from quilting experts you will have a head start on your new hobby.

This post will discuss hand quilting needs including the various types of needles and how to best use them.

Here is information on hand quilting needles:

Quilting Needles

The most common type of needle for hand quilting is a quilting needles. This type of needle is also called a “Between”. You can use a Between for almost all traditional quilting projects.

A quilting needle is short, narrow and sharp and features a rounded eye at the bottom. This type of needle is available in sizes 3-12. We recommend beginning quilters use a size 8 needle for their first few projects as it is the most versatile and still easy to maneuver.


  • The larger the # on the needle the smaller the size. This is the opposite of what you would expect. The concept is similar to golf clubs in which the smaller # clubs are longer in length than the higher # golf clubs.
  • Before you know which size and type of needle is best for you, you should purchase the variety pack of hand quilting needles and try the different sizes. We recommend size 8 for beginners but it’s possible you will prefer size 7 or size 9 in the beginning.
  • Needles wear out over time and you want to replace a blunt or dull needle with a new and sharp one. A dull needle is much harder to push through fabric and it will be harder on your hands and your fingers too.

We hope this information on hand quilting needles helps you to get started on your first quilt or project.