Popular Area Rug Fabrics

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We can all agree that rugs can be a nice element of room decor if picked correctly. Compared to carpets, rugs are also much easier in terms of cleaning and replacement, which is also great if you are prone to redesigning your house every now and then.

Although rugs come in different shapes and sizes, allow for many design and color options, you must first and foremost concentrate on the most important feature of a rug: the material.

You should especially consider this if you have little children or pets, which automatically makes the traffic in your house much heavier, and increases the chances of damage, spills and dirt.

Also, keep in mind that there are two general types of material: natural and synthetic, so here you will learn about those in more detail.

Starting off with the natural materials, let’s begin with the most common one: wool. Wool is best known for its softness and durability. Not only is it naturally stain-resistant due to its fiber density, but it is also naturally resilient to burns.

Thanks to its durability, wool rugs will be very comfortable to use for high-traffic areas, like the living room, dining room, maybe even the bedrooms. Just be sure to a local carpet cleaner each year to deep clean the wool rug. You can find one here: https://sacramentocarpetcleaning.org/

Wool rugs also have a very luxurious and opulent look, which is another reason to use them in high-traffic areas. However, you should consider that wool rugs tend to shed and quickly absorb humidity. They also tend to fade if there is too much exposure to sunlight, so keep that in mind as well.

The next most popular natural material for rugs is cotton. Cotton rugs are much more affordable than wool rugs, however, they are often almost as durable due to the flat weave craft technique. They are also fairly easy to clean, so you can easily use them in the kitchen or in the kid’s room without being afraid of spills or stains.

Silk is also a pretty popular material for rugs, as it has a special softness and sheen to it. Unfortunately, silk rugs are not durable at all and require professional cleaning, so you should be using them in the bedrooms and other low-traffic areas.

When it comes to synthetic materials, nylon is the most common for rugs and carpets. It is a very durable material, which can transform into pretty much any color and design.

Nylon is the most durable synthetic material, and it’s also resistant to stains. Despite the fact that it’s more affordable than natural fiber rugs, it is not as soft and luxurious. Same applies to polyester, which is another popular synthetic fiber for carpets.

Nevertheless, synthetic carpets are easier to clean and can be recycled after they are worn out. So this will be a great option for you if you have an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.